Food:Land:Opportunity launched in 2014 and focuses on the supply side of producing food using sustainable practices. Defining characteristics of the initiative include:

  • Creating a more cohesive, systemic approach to influencing the Chicago foodshed
  • Flexibility to test new models and adapt to what works
  • A commitment to using data and research to inform activities
  • Engagement with many points of the supply chain, requiring navigation of several geographic and socioeconomic contexts
  • A focus on cultivating a dedicated learning community of grantees and other strategic influencers

Investments to date: $24,690,500

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Funding Eligibility

Using insights gained through research and evaluation activities and deploying multiple philanthropic funding vehicles, most of the Food:Land:Opportunity projects have been designed in partnership with grantees and stakeholders. Therefore, proposals for Food:Land:Opportunity funding are made by invitation only. However, the initiative is interested in new opportunities that align with or support its strategies. If you believe that your work aligns with the core strategies and outcomes of Food:Land:Opportunity, please contact program staff using the information below.


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Kinship Foundation

Lenore Beyer
Director of Conservation Initiatives

The Chicago Community Trust

Michael Davidson
Senior Director – Community Impact

Image: Green City Market